I am an amateur photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Coming from a computer background, I look at things logically and structurally. They are zeroes and ones. Photographs are different. They can just be snapshots of reality but they are usually much more than that. They represent the photographer’s view and interpretation. They elicit emotions, be they happiness, appreciation, antipathy, gratification or astonishment. Those are things that computer codes don’t usually give you.
I like to photograph simple things, things that look ordinary otherwise but present their beauty and meaning when shown in unordinary ways. Things like lines, shapes, texture, patterns, light, and shadow. These simple things are the zeroes and ones to me.
P.S. I am fascinated by Street Photography lately, a genre that most often defies structure but captures powerful and emotional subjects. You will also see street photographs in my portfolio.
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Facebook: facebook.com/stephenhuenphoto
Instagram: instagram.com/stephenhuenphoto
Flickr: flickr.com/stephenhuen

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